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EPOS Systems  
EPOS by Linkware is the most Up-to-Date software on the catering market that provides both flexible and user friendly environment. It can handle all difficult and complicate dishes with just a few touches on screen!

Wireless PDAs
Using Wireless technology, it allows waiter to have instant access to food ordering, drinks, bills printing etc. This increase the speed of services and customer turnaround, free restaurant from slow response and more!

Smart reader
Fast & accurate card reader helps reduce workload on staffs. Easy to use, low maintenance cost, which is ideal for high volume high turnaround restaurant. Available for all food, drinks and dim-sum!

Already have an existing EPOS system?

No Problem! We can help you save your money by using your existing machines*, we will then come and install our EPOS by Linkware software onto your machines and make it happen!

*Minimum specification required.

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